Hills and grain of the San Joaquin ValleyBrad "The Dudeboy" Rogers from the Horse's Mouth...
It was the mid-1980's and Brad Rogers was in the middle of life's hardships while being disillusioned by life and his career in media. His frustration with depression and self-abuse was an internal entertainment of sorts that seemed to amuse only him. In his pursuit to turn over the cracked, dried leaf he called life, Brad took his twenty year love of music that he had expressed through slappin' the skins on his drum set and decided to teach himself guitar.

Click to read what people are saying about The Dudeboy!The music of John Prine and Kris Kristofferson helped comfort him during this time. He was amazed that these two men could be as miserable as himself and have so much in life at the same time; realizing this common ground led to inspiration. This time of inspiration allowed Brad to journey within down a dusty, lonely trail that helped him see an internal ability to capture his life in words existed. His life as a "Song-Slinger" began, and Brad Rogers became "The Dudeboy". With a passion for American-roots music and a new obsession with the guitar, Brad "The Dudeboy" Rogers started writing songs that emulated the men and the country he loves.

However, the past wasn't so easily dropped off at the nearest reality check depot. A need for speed and high performance cars led to a wake up call for "The Dudeboy" as he skillfully, yet narrowly escaped Johnny Law via a 100mph chase through town. He knew his need for speed had to go and a new focus must be determined. Replacing street racing for music he sought his rush through a different method, writing songs.

With a focused, determined drive to make his music a priority and a new found supply of adrenaline at his disposal, "The Dudeboy" began to grow as a songwriter. The writing process became an emotionally charged process that was reminiscent of his days of street racing. His other passion, history forced him to learn as much as he could about American music. Through this process he familiarized himself with the cultures and people of America.

Dudeboy's Past EventsOver the years since "The Dudeboy" came alive, many distractions and realities have slowed and swayed the process of growth. Without hesitation and with new vigor, "The Dudeboy" has moved forward at a solid gallop. Now an established songwriter, a respected and well-rounded professional and being a true "Sponge" of life has allowed "The Dudeboy" to step up to the table and serve a hearty plate of Americana-music that is as unique as the sunsets are varied. Brad refuses to bend to the will of the "Nashville" music processing plant. The self-described "Unhomogenized Country" is what Brad "The Dudeboy" Rogers delivers in his Song-Slingin' Americana music. A glimpse into the past, and a little insight to the days visited long ago is what Brad "The Dudeboy" Rogers has to offer those willing to pull up a chair and listen.

Like a hot wind blowing across the dry valley floor, Brad "The Dudeboy" Rogers will be a sight for sore eyes as the dust clears for a musical journey and experience like no other.

WARNING: Brad "The Dudeboy's" Rogers is not suitable for airplay on Nashville controlled radio stations!